Alfie adventure books inspired by a very special dog– each with a moral to the tale - for children from 5-9.  They can be read by Mummy & Daddy at bedtime or you can read them yourself. 

The first edition was 'Alfie & The Catflap' followed by 'Alfie to The Rescue', a story of how Alfie helps his friend Pudding the cat.  And now there are three more editions:


  • Alfie & The Quacketts:  "Alfie is alarmed when his friends from the duck family next door fall prey to local sportsmen and resolves to save them. Find out how he succeeds in this charming tale from the  countryside."


  • Alfie Saves the Day: "A neighbour's cow gets stuck in a bramble covered mudhole and will die if it is not rescued. Alfie's inherent 'pulling power' is deployed but does it work?"



Alfie is a VERY BIG dog, but he would like to be able to get through the cat flap - just like his friend Pudding the Cat does.....find out how he succeeds and what happens next!